I’m Nicki Youngsma and have lived in the Pacific Northwest most of my life. I’ve worked in several fields including retail, food business, and legal services. In addition to my visual arts practice I’m also a writer and activist. Learn more about what else I do at nickiyoungsma.com.

Sybille Nicole Art is inspired by my first & middle names.

Hi! My official name is Sybille Nicole, but I go by Nicki.

Artist Statement

I work in multiple visual art disciplines with a focus on watercolor painting.

The intersection of self with the natural landscape, including non-human neighbors and companions, inspire me greatly.

When I find myself captivated by a scene, a moment, or a creature, I take time to immerse myself in it. My studies begin in rough, ragged graphite sketches. With each study I narrow down the edges, deciding on form in each reworking, and shape the image into a painting. In my artistic practice I welcome surprises because in encountering the unexpected—both inside the studio and beyond—growth happens in the powers of imagination.


Sybille Nicole Art is recognized by the Certification Office for Business Inclusion and Diversity (COBID) in Oregon in the following categories:

  • Emerging Small Business (ESB)
  • Women Business Enterprise (WBE)

Some things I Do


Ink painting

Metal Sculpture



Ballpoint Pen Drawing

Mixed Media

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